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Port-free Webmail, the best place for inexpensive web hosting!

Port-free Webmail - Manual


  A tool to access the Cpanel installed webmail programs for your Hasweb account(s) over port 80 (http) rather than port 2095.
Some Internet Service Providers (ISP), Company Networks or Firewalls do not allow access to port 2095 which is the default port for webmail in Cpanel. This tool will pass through all requests to port 2095 over port 80 thus allowing access to the programs. However this tool will reduce the perfomance due to this proxy service. It is therefore recommended not to use it if port 2095 is freely accessible. 


  First, create a new subdomain for your domain in Cpanel. As an example, you could choose "webmail" (recommended):

  If you do not have it allready, download the file and unzip it on your computer.

  You will find two folders now: "upload" and "linux_MacX"
All users should transfer all uncompressed files from the folder upload via FTP into the directory of your webmail-subdomain:

  Those of you using Windows should now be all set, just make sure you uploaded the file ".htaccess" as well.
For those of you using linux/unix or Mac OS X, you may have to upload the file "text_htaccess" from the folder "linux_MacX" to your subdomain directory
"public_html/webmail/text_htaccess" and to rename it with your FTP program to ".htaccess" ("public_html/webmail/.htaccess", note the beginning ".").


  Call the URL (Note, DO NOT use the URL 

  Choose one of the webmail links. To login use EITHER username and password of an existing email account ( / emailpassword) OR to access the default mail account use your Cpanel username and password.

  Note regarding the login/logout for changing the emailaccount
- Horde is the only webmail program that uses it's own logon method. 
- Squirrelmail and Neomail use the Server's Apache-Authentification
Therefore you can only logout and directly back in with a different emailaccount in Horde
This is not possible in Squirrelmail and Neomail. If you use their "logout" link and then try to log in again you will be automatically find yourself back in the same email account. The only solution to this is to close ALL browser windows and to restart the browser. This will release the Apache-Authentification so you can login as a different user.

Questions / Help / Problems

  For support, make a post at the Hasweb Forums or send an email to The Rabbit

Copyright 2003, & The Rabbit